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Strong Support System and Comprehensive Training Helps K9 Resorts Set its Franchisees Up for Success
From real estate selection and zoning hearings to financial assistance and general operations, the brand goes above and beyond to guide its owners through the business ownership process.

For entrepreneurs looking to go into business for themselves—but not by themselves—franchising provides a unique business ownership opportunity.

While franchisees have the ability to run their own location and hire their own staff, they’re also able to tap into a corporate support system that provides guidance throughout the entire opening process. That competitive advantage has not gone unnoticed by entrepreneurs across the country—they’re consistently turning to franchise brands for guidance and assistance. And K9 Resorts Daycare & Luxury Hotel, the nation’s leading luxury pet care franchise, has one of the most supportive systems in the industry.

“We really become partners with every one of our local owners. As a franchisor, it’s our responsibility to make sure that they have the tools and resources that they need to succeed at their disposal,” said Steven Parker, co-founder and co-CEO of K9 Resorts. “That’s why we walk our franchisees through the entire business ownership process. We’re there with them every step of the way as they work to get their K9 Resorts location off the ground.”

That strong support system starts right off the bat. As soon as local owners sign on to open up their own K9 Resorts location, the brand’s corporate team gets to work. They start by reaching out to one of their preferred partners, who then helps them secure the best real estate and site for every franchisee in K9 Resorts’ system. The national firm finds local real estate experts in every market, ultimately allowing them to find the best possible location for their individual territory.

After real estate is selected and leases are signed, K9 Resorts’ co-founders will testify at any necessary zoning hearings to ensure that construction is able to begin without any obstacles. The brand also enables its franchisees to work with a preferred architect and contractor who are familiar with the brand’s construction process to help speed up the time it takes to officially open.

Beyond real estate and construction support, K9 Resorts also provides its local owners with comprehensive training. First, franchisees and their managers complete a training program at K9 Resorts’ corporate headquarters in New Jersey. The brand’s team then visits its owners on location to provide additional training in their own unique space. K9 Resorts is also present for the grand opening to ensure that things are going off without a hitch.

“We take a very proactive, hands-on approach to the grand opening process in order to ensure that our franchisees feel comfortable and confident,” said Jason Parker, co-founder and co-CEO of K9 Resorts. “Launching a business can be an incredibly stressful time for entrepreneurs. That’s why we offer extensive training and on-site visits—the more prepared our franchisees are, the faster they’ll be able to ramp up their businesses.”

K9 Resorts’ support system doesn’t end with a franchisee’s grand opening. Throughout the entire business ownership process, the brand offers marketing guidance to help spread the word about the K9 Resorts brand and bring in more clients. Because the brand’s model has already been proven to be successful, it also boasts general best practices that ensure operations are running correctly. And from a financial standpoint, K9 Resorts goes above and beyond to ensure that its business ownership opportunity is affordable for prospective franchisees. While initial investments range between $915,655 and $1,292,859, the brand works with preferred lenders that are willing to lend up to 75 percent of the total cost to qualified candidates.

On top of that strong support system, K9 Resorts enables franchisees to tap into a nationally recognized brand name that’s paving the way in the booming pet care industry. Backed by cage-free suites, state of the art air purification systems and five-star hotel-quality customer service, K9 Resorts is raising the bar in the increasingly popular segment.

“More and more Americans are looking for a high-end alternative to traditional pet care, which puts us in the perfect position to expand. Our system is designed to ensure that both dogs and their owners are receiving the best possible care, which then helps our franchisees boost their bottom lines,” said Jason. “Supporting our local owners will always be an integral part of the K9 Resorts franchise system, and we’re looking forward to helping more entrepreneurs realize their dreams of business ownership in the future.”